SpillNot cup holder Anti-spill conveyor for beverages

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SpillNot cup holder, Anti-spill conveyor for beverages.


SpillNot is an amazing cup holder. Its design makes it difficult to spill the contents of any glass or mug that is placed on it. You can swing SpillNot while your drink stays in the cup! This is especially useful when carrying hot drinks that cannot be placed on your lap.

It has a curved plastic body with an anti-slip pad and a fabric handle that you can slip your fingers into. The looped fabric handle prevents any lateral force from being exerted on the liquid in the cup, so the liquid won't spill!


Use with caution and common sense, SpillNot lets you carry your favorite drinks without the unwanted annoying spills. NOTE: This amazing invention is based on physics, not magic. Beverages may spill if struck, vigorously shaken or pulled aggressively. Pushing the boundaries of SpillNot is great fun, but be careful and practice before trying tricks around other people. Be careful when handling hot drinks as you may get burned in case of spillage.

The mug is not included in the set.

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