This Privacy Policy applies to all Products offered by the Online Store and is addressed to the Customers of the Online Store. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact the Online Store using the data contained in the CONTACT tab.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. By placing an order in our store, the customer entrusts us with the data necessary for the implementation of the order, its delivery and post-purchase service. We will use the entrusted data exclusively for this purpose and entrust them only to entities selected by our clients when choosing the method of payment and delivery of the ordered goods. The administrator of this data is Braletka Rafał Szymański with its registered office at ul. Emilii Plater 3/2, 65-395 Zielona Góra, Poland. Contact with the administrator can be made via traditional correspondence or via e-mail tetrahands@gmail.com.

The data that we ask our customers for is necessary for the proper performance of the purchase and sale contract that was established at the time of placing the order. The customer has the right to limit the amount of data transferred and has the right to object to their processing. Limiting the amount of data or raising an objection may prevent us from completing the order. In this case, the purchase contract is invalidated. The order will be cancelled and the information sent to the customer.

If the customer believes that we are using the data entrusted to us not in accordance with his intention or has other comments, he may file a complaint with the supervisory body - the Office for Personal Data Protection.

I. Data collected by the online store

I. A Data collected during registration

1. When registering in the Online Store, the Customer provides his data voluntarily.

2. When registering in the Online Store, the Customer provides his name and surname, delivery address, tax identification number (NIP) if the customer is an entrepreneur and will request an invoice, e-mail address, contact telephone number. In the case of delivery to a parcel locker, if the customer does not request a personal proof of sale and order identification, the necessary data is the telephone number and e-mail address.

3. During registration, the Customer provides the login and password securing the Customer's account in the Online Store. The login and password should be protected by the Customer against use by unauthorized persons.

I. B Data collected during the purchase transaction

1. The customer who buys without registration gives the name and surname, delivery address, tax identification number (NIP) if the customer is an entrepreneur and will request an invoice, e-mail address, contact telephone number.

2. In order to make a purchase transaction with a credit card, the Customer provides, through the payment operator of the DOTPAY service, among others: credit card type, credit card number, card expiry date, CVV number. The payment operator is responsible for the security of this data, and the operation is performed over a secure connection. More information on the DOTPAY website

I. C Data collected automatically

1. During the Customer's visit to the Online Store's website, IP address data, domain name, browser type and operating system type are automatically collected. These data can be collected by "s" files ("cookies"), the "Google Analytics" system. These are statistical data that help us improve customer service. We do not entrust this data to other entities. We do not link statistical data to a specific person. More information can be found on the Google Analytics website

2. The Online Store also collects data such as e-mail address, telephone number and IP address data of customers who contact via the website of the Online Store, asking for information about the goods, order handling and customers ordering the newsletter.

II. Use of data by the Online Store

1. The data provided by the Customer during registration are used only to enable the Customer to log in to the Online Store and to complete the order. Registration in the Online Store is not obligatory.

2. Data collected during the purchase transaction are used only for the purpose of processing, delivery and handling the order.

3. Customer data is made available to other entities, such as courier companies, payment operators, insurers, auction services, for the purpose of order fulfilment and delivery.

4. Customer data is also collected for the purpose of sending commercial information within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended), if the Customer he agreed to receive the newsletter.

5. Data collected automatically on the website of the Online Store are statistical data that help us improve customer service.

6. Data collected through direct contact of the Customer with the Online Store via the website are used only for the purpose of correspondence with the Customer and responding to the Customer's inquiry.

7. Customer data may be made available to law enforcement and judicial authorities as well as other authorized institutions under the provisions of law.

III. Data change

1. The customer has the right to supplement, update, rectify, abandon processing, deleting personal data if they are incomplete, out of date, untrue or were collected in violation of the law or are no longer necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected.

2. The customer may independently change the data provided in the Online Store system or may contact the data administrator who will make the required changes.

3. The data used for the purchase transaction are not subject to change, as they are part of the accounting document and data collected automatically.

IV. Deletion of the account and archive data.

1. A customer who has set up an account in the Online Store may at any time submit an application to the Online Store for its removal or delete it himself. Account deletion is irreversible and means the deletion of all customer data. It will not be possible to restore such an account. The customer can modify the dish and the content that is stored in his account.

2. Data about orders of customers who bought without registration will be deleted after the conditions for their storage, such as expiry of the right to complain about the goods or the right to financial claims, expire. The data on the accounting documents documenting the transaction will be stored for the longest time. The regulations currently in force define this period as 5 years after the end of the year to which the documentation relates.

V. Data protection

1. The Customer is obliged to protect the confidentiality of passwords and usernames used in the Online Store. The customer is responsible for providing the password and allowing the account to be used by a third party. The Customer is responsible for actions taking place using the Customer's password or account. The customer undertakes to notify the Online Store immediately about the use of his account by unauthorized persons or about any other security breaches known to him and to immediately change the access password.

2. The Online Store is secured with an SSL certificate. When browsing our store's pages and related information pages, a green lock icon is visible in the browser's address bar. All data that you provide to us via our sites is encrypted and protected against unauthorized access.

VI. Change of the Privacy Policy

The Online Store reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy, about which the Customers of the Online Store will be informed on the website of the Online Store and in a direct message.