My name is Rafał Szymański and I have been paralyzed since 2013. Therefore, I need specialized equipment because, like most tetraplegics, I have problems with the simplest of activities, such as eating, grabbing and lifting objects, or exercising. Unfortunately, it is usually difficult to access or very expensive, so from the very beginning of our struggle for independence, together with family and friends, we created various things that make everyday activities easier.

We want all tetraplegics to have access to inexpensive equipment that will allow them to increase their independence, so together with my sister Kasia, I founded the "Active Quad" - a place where you will find devices that facilitate everyday life and help to perform activities that were previously impossible or very hard to do. Our products are ideal for people with tetraplegia / tetraplegia, stroke, cerebral palsy or any disability that affects hand function.

The "Active Quad" gripper is an indispensable tool for self-gripping. Unlike other grippers that require finger squeezing, the Active Quad only requires a one-way wrist movement, so there's no need to use your fingers, meaning even some people with C4-C5 injuries can use it. In our offer you will also find specially adapted cutlery and many other useful products that make everyday life easier, such as grip gloves, wrist braces and other everyday items.

We want to meet the expectations of all customers, which is why we are constantly trying to expand and improve our offer. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us :)