Equipment tailored specifically to you.

Individual adjustment will ensure that your gripper will be securely and comfortably held in your hand during use.

Remember! Consider whether you will be using it with a sweatshirt or gloves or without it.

The gripper must not be too tight, so add a little play (2-5 mm) to the dimensions.

It is available in left or right-hand versions.

Three dimensions are needed to adjust the gripper:

A- hand grip thickness

B- wrist grip thickness

C- forearm grip thickness

It is best to take measurements with a caliper. If you don't have it, you can measure with a cardboard and a ruler. To do this, cut a groove in a cardboard box, put it and adjust the width of the cut to the thickness of your hand in the place where the handle is attached, and then measure the thickness of the cut with a ruler or measure.